Our Trainers at King of Muay Thai

Head Trainer Wanchana Hua Hin

วันชนะ วิไลพุทธ

Fighting Record Total : 270. Wins : 215 By Knockout : 70 Losses : 49

Wanchana our head trainer at King of Muay Thai was born 16th April 1987 in Kalasin a Northern province of Thailand. Wanachan was first trained by his father, Aluan Willaiphut, at 9 years old which is not particularly young for Thai’s to start however he was a quick learner and won his 1st local fight at 11. 

At 15 years old, he was headhunted by Sitniwat gym in Bangkok and where he began to fight professionally. During this period Wanchana regularly fought in Rajadamnern at Lumpinee, Omnoi Stadium, Bangkok.

Now at 31 Wanchana is an accomplished international Muay Thai Pro who has fought in Morocco, Japan, China, The Philippines, Myanmar. Malaysia.  Wanchana also spent a year in Australia with the Staunch Muay Thai Team.

Wanachan’s most recent Title fight in February 2019 . A fight for the Max Muay Thai Global Championship Belt at 66Kg, which he won!

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Age : 
Height: m
Weight: Kg
Fights: 189
Wins:  137
Ko’s: 28
Losses: 52


Age : 
Height: m
Weight: Kg
Fights: 151
Wins:  110
Ko’s: 22
Losses: 41